• Eco-Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Ships to Canada

The Chroma Z15 Track Spot is a sleek, high performance LED spot for Bruck Zonyx, Geo or Eco Line Voltage Track Systems. The Z15 achieves industry best color quality and consistency through the use of a single-source LED module with patented cold remote phosphor technology. An Integral driver allows for a sleek design without a bulky box attachment.

Choose from 20°, 40° or 60° beam spread. Can accept up to two lens accessories, including optional linear spread, diffuser solite and frosted lenses. Dimmable with reverse phase Electric Low Voltage dimmer.

Mounting Options:

  • 5.13"L X 3.13"H; 5.25"extension
metal, aluminum
Lamp Type
1 X 15W 120V LED, 2700K-4000K, 1000 lumens at 80 CRI, 700 lumens at 95 CRI (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
350420MC/2 350420MC/2a 350420MC/3 350420MC/3a 350420MC/4 350420MC/4a 350420bk/fl/2/ecobk 350420bk/fl/2a/ecobk 350420bk/fl/3/ecobk 350420bk/fl/3a/ecobk 350420bk/fl/4/ecobk 350420bk/fl/4a/ecobk 350420bk/m/2/ecobk 350420bk/m/2a/ecobk 350420bk/m/3/ecobk 350420bk/m/3a/ecobk 350420bk/m/4/ecobk 350420bk/m/4a/ecobk 350420bk/s/2/ecobk 350420bk/s/2a/ecobk 350420bk/s/3/ecobk 350420bk/s/3a/ecobk 350420bk/s/4/ecobk 350420bk/s/4a/ecobk 350420mc/fl/2/ecosv 350420mc/fl/2a/ecosv 350420mc/fl/3/ecosv 350420mc/fl/3a/ecosv 350420mc/fl/4/ecosv 350420mc/fl/4a/ecosv 350420mc/m/2/ecosv 350420mc/m/2a/ecosv 350420mc/m/3/ecosv 350420mc/m/3a/ecosv 350420mc/m/4/ecosv 350420mc/m/4a/ecosv 350420mc/s/2/ecosv 350420mc/s/2a/ecosv 350420mc/s/3/ecosv 350420mc/s/3a/ecosv 350420mc/s/4/ecosv 350420mc/s/4a/ecosv 350420wh/fl/2/ecowh 350420wh/fl/2a/ecowh 350420wh/fl/3/ecowh 350420wh/fl/3a/ecowh 350420wh/fl/4/ecowh 350420wh/fl/4a/ecowh 350420wh/m/2/ecowh 350420wh/m/2a/ecowh 350420wh/m/3/ecowh 350420wh/m/3a/ecowh 350420wh/m/4/ecowh 350420wh/m/4a/ecowh 350420wh/s/2/ecowh 350420wh/s/2a/ecowh 350420wh/s/3/ecowh 350420wh/s/3a/ecowh 350420wh/s/4/ecowh 350420wh/s/4a/ecowh