• Ships to Canada

The Classic LED Pendant Light is defined by its spun aluminum shade that crosses several design boundaries allowing for both a nostalgic and modern look. Featuring a simple dome shape, the shade of this modern pendant light is available in several colors inspired by the beautiful paint finishes of classic cars. Whether used as an individual fixture or arranged in a dynamic display, this energy-efficient light fixture provides down light that is perfect for illuminating kitchen counters, dining room tables or workspaces.

Product Features:

  • Available with 4 different mounting options
  • Compatible with any Bruck line voltage track system
  • Can be retrofitted with Bruck's field adjustable 4" Kiss Canopy
  • Includes LED lamping
  • Chrome and Matte Chrome finishes include clear cord and Bronze finish includes black cord
  • Includes 59" of field-adjustable cord

Mounting Options:

  • 9.6"D X 7.1"H
  • Cable: 59"L
Lamp Type
1 X 18W 100-277V LED module, 3000K, 90 CRI (included)
Item Number
113900bz/ecobk 113900bz/ecomc 113900bz/ecosv 113900bz/geobk 113900bz/geosv 113900bz/geowh 113900bz/MP 113900bz/zonmc 113900ch/ecobk 113900ch/ecosv 113900ch/ecowh 113900ch/geobk 113900ch/geosv 113900ch/geowh 113900ch/MP 113900ch/zonmc 113900mc/ecobk 113900mc/ecosv 113900mc/ecowh 113900mc/geobk 113900mc/geosv 113900mc/geowh 113900mc/MP 113900mc/zonmc 113901bz/ecobk 113901bz/ecosv 113901bz/ecowh 113901bz/geobk 113901bz/geosv 113901bz/geowh 113901bz/MP 113901bz/zonmc 113901ch/ecobk 113901ch/ecosv 113901ch/ecowh 113901ch/geobk 113901ch/geosv 113901ch/geowh 113901ch/MP 113901ch/zonmc 113901mc/ecobk 113901mc/ecosv 113901mc/ecowh 113901mc/geobk 113901mc/geosv 113901mc/geowh 113901mc/MP 113901mc/zonmc 113902bz/ecobk 113902bz/ecosv 113902bz/ecowh 113902bz/geobk 113902bz/geosv 113902bz/geowh 113902bz/MP 113902bz/zonmc 113902ch/ecobk 113902ch/ecosv 113902ch/ecowh 113902ch/geobk 113902ch/geosv 113902ch/geowh 113902ch/MP 113902ch/zonmc 113902mc/ecobk 113902mc/ecosv 113902mc/ecowh 113902mc/geobk 113902mc/geosv 113902mc/geowh 113902mc/MP 113902mc/zonmc 113903bz/ecobk 113903bz/ecosv 113903bz/ecowh 113903bz/geobk 113903bz/geosv 113903bz/geowh 113903bz/MP 113903bz/zonmc 113903ch/ecobk 113903ch/ecosv 113903ch/ecowh 113903ch/geobk 113903ch/geosv 113903ch/geowh 113903ch/MP 113903ch/zonmc 113903mc/ecobk 113903mc/ecosv 113903mc/ecowh 113903mc/geobk 113903mc/geosv 113903mc/geowh 113903mc/MP 113903mc/zonmc 113904bz/ecobk 113904bz/ecosv 113904bz/ecowh 113904bz/geobk 113904bz/geosv 113904bz/geowh 113904bz/MP 113904bz/zonmc 113904ch/ecobk 113904ch/ecosv 113904ch/ecowh 113904ch/geobk 113904ch/geosv 113904ch/geowh 113904ch/MP 113904ch/zonmc 113904mc/ecobk 113904mc/ecosv 113904mc/ecowh 113904mc/geobk 113904mc/geosv 113904mc/geowh 113904mc/MP 113904mc/zonmc 113905bz/ecobk 113905bz/ecosv 113905bz/ecowh 113905bz/geobk 113905bz/geosv 113905bz/geowh 113905bz/MP 113905bz/zonmc 113905ch/ecobk 113905ch/ecosv 113905ch/ecowh 113905ch/geobk 113905ch/geosv 113905ch/geowh 113905ch/MP 113905ch/zonmc 113905mc/ecobk 113905mc/ecosv 113905mc/ecowh 113905mc/geobk 113905mc/geosv 113905mc/geowh 113905mc/MP 113905mc/zonmc 113906bz/ecobk 113906bz/ecosv 113906bz/ecowh 113906bz/geobk 113906bz/geosv 113906bz/geowh 113906bz/MP 113906bz/zonmc 113906ch/ecobk 113906ch/ecosv 113906ch/ecowh 113906ch/geobk 113906ch/geosv 113906ch/geowh 113906ch/MP 113906ch/zonmc 113906mc/ecobk 113906mc/ecosv 113906mc/ecowh 113906mc/geobkm 113906mc/geosv 113906mc/geowh 113906mc/MP 113906mc/zonmc