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Vibe Down Pendant Light is a line voltage pendant designed with an integral adapter, designed for use on the Zonyx, Eco or Geo track system or ceiling installations.

Vibe is a stunning piece of hand blown Murano glass. The Artisan process, executed by only Murano master glass blowers, guarantees each piece to be one of a kind. The glass is meticulously mouth blown using a series of furnaces ranging in temperature with an annealing process that can take up to 15 hours. This process is what lends to Vibe's unique shape, design and beautiful color.

Mounting Options:

  • 5.5"D X 6.1"H; 59" of field cuttable wire
Murano glass
Lamp Type
1 X 40W 120V G9 halogen lamp (not included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
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