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Ceiling lighting can be so many things: recessed lighting, chandeliers, pendants—and is your foremost source of ambient light. From kitchen pendants to room chandeliers and more, we have all the ideas and tips you’ll need when designing your ceiling lighting in every room.

How to Choose Recessed Lighting

Whether you’re using them for downlighting, wall lighting or uplighting, recessed lights are some of the most versatile lighting options out there. They’re great for providing ambient light in a variety of residential and commercial spaces, as well as accent lighting to highlight furniture, artwork or the wall itself.

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Ideas + Inspiration

How To's + Resources

Modern Ceiling Lighting

Pendants, chandeliers, recessed lighting and more lighting.

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#YINTHEWILD: Ceiling Lighting Ideas from our customers

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How to Pick the Right Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Embarking upon the journey of choosing the perfect ceiling lighting is an exciting one - especially for those that have never considered all of the many lighting options that they can adorn their ceiling with.

The choices for ceiling lights are nearly endless, so you will the ability to choose a fixture and lighting layout that fits you and your home’s style perfectly. Is your home bold? Modern? Minimalist? Understated? No matter which it is, there will be a pendant light, chandelier, or flush mount just right for you.

However, you shouldn’t choose your ceiling lighting just based on looks alone. Ceiling lighting plays an important role in your home’s lighting layout and can be used for ambient, task, and even accent lighting. What might be most definitive of ambient lighting how it is created with a chandelier or linear suspension in the dining room. This classic application is a favorite way to provide your family dinners and special occasions with the lighting neeeded to create an intimate and friendly ambience. Adding track lighting within the kitchen to provide the needed light for cooking is exemplary of proper task lighting. Meanwhile, hanging several pendant lights above a credenza showcasing one’s family portraits can be used to accent your family’s keepsakes.

As you look through our handpicked ceiling lighting ideas, consider how the style of your home and the functionality of the ceiling lighting in question can be used to bring out the home you want to see.

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