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Learn More About Chandeliers

Create a Stylish Space With Round Chandeliers

Chandeliers serve as the focal point of today’s contemporary dining spaces, entryways, ballrooms, and grand foyers. With styles ranging from ornate traditional models perfect for formal dining rooms to ultramodern, minimalist styles that make bold statements in both residential and commercial settings, decorating with a round chandelier is only limited by your imagination.

Features and Benefits of Round Modern Chandeliers

Round ceiling lights are available in a range of styles, lamping types, and sizes that make finding the perfect fixture a breeze. Round chandeliers are adaptable and complement design styles including industrial, contemporary, traditional, minimalist, and mid-century modern. Today's round chandeliers utilize the latest LED technology paired with innovative designs and expert craftsmanship.

Other benefits of round chandeliers include:

  • Luxury Materials: Modern round ceiling lights consist of materials known for their durability, such as chromed aluminum, and satin nickel designed to withstand years of enjoyment.

  • Eco-Friendly: Contemporary round ceiling fixtures utilize advanced technology to deliver energy-efficient illumination that reduces energy costs and while beautifully illuminating modern interiors.

  • A Size Option to Fit any Space: Round ceiling lights are available in a myriad of sizes that bode well in virtually any residential or commercial space. From ultramodern mini chandeliers to farmhouse , to grandiose , it is easy to find a fixture that perfectly suits your needs.

In addition to these notable features, round ceiling fixtures like linear suspension lights, LED pendant lights, and chandeliers come in many versatile canopy finishes and shade styles and are compatible with standard dimmers. Many round ceiling fixtures accept multiple lamping types such as LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs, further adding to the flexibility of these lights.

Choosing a Round Chandelier

Choosing out a modern round ceiling light presents a challenge simply because of the plentiful options available. The size of the intended space is the first important consideration when picking out a round chandelier. Rooms with larger square footage and/or high ceilings benefit from grandiose round that command attention and brilliantly reflect light. Alternately, smaller spaces such as entryways and corridors look better with round chandeliers of a smaller scale.

The next consideration is the existing design style of the space. For ultramodern or minimalist paces, choose round chandeliers with clean lines and shades with sleek metal details. For mid-century modern spaces, with multiple shades or asymmetrical silhouettes work well. Round chandeliers add sophistication to high traffic areas like large commercial or residential kitchens and many models feature UL Listed Damp ratings that allow these fixtures to endure regular exposure to moisture and humidity.

Installation requirements are another important consideration when it comes to choosing the right round chandelier for your space. Drop heights will vary among fixtures, but the general rules of hanging ceiling fixtures still apply. Pendants, chandeliers, and linear suspensions should hover between 28 and 36 inches above the surface below (i.e., dining table, kitchen island, etc.). Following these hanging guidelines will ensure the safety of residents and guests and will keep your chandelier from overpowering existing fixtures, furniture, and decorative accessories.