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Design by hollis+morris, 2016 Made in Canada The stylish and minimal Bennington LED Pendant Light features a 24V LED extrusion in a solid wood dowel and metal end cap design. A diffusion lens set along the extrusion ensures even lighting, while stainless steel suspension hardware makes for easy installation. In five production sizes 3', 4', 5', 6' and 8'. The Bennington LED Pendant Light compliments a range of spaces either as streamlined singlet, or mixed, matched, and clustered together in a luminous flock. Note: Shown in White with W Oak Pure finish. Features.
  • 3 ft overall: 1.75"D X 36"W
  • 4 ft overall: 1.75"D X 48"W
  • 5 ft overall: 1.75"D X 60"W
  • 6 ft overall: 1.75"D X 72"W
  • 8 ft overall: 2.25"D X 96"W
  • Cord: 12'
  • Canopy: 6"D X 1"H
Solid walnut, solid white oak, stainless steel
Lamp Type
  • 3 ft: 1 X 18W 24V LED module, 960 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
  • 4 ft: 1 X 24W 24V LED module, 1280 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
  • 5 ft: 1 X 30W 24V LED module, 1600 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
  • 6 ft: 1 X 36W 24V LED module, 1920 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
  • 8 ft: 1 X 48W 24V LED module, 2560 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
BENNstan3ft Blk.W.Oak.Natural BENNstan3ft Blk.W.Oak.White BENNstan3ft Wht.W.Oak.Natural BENNstan3ft Wht.W.Oak.White BENNstan3ft Blk.Wal BENNstan3ft Blk.W.Oak.Black BENNstan3ft Wht.Wal BENNstan3ft Wht.W.Oak.Black BENNstan4ft Blk.W.Oak.Natural BENNstan4ft Blk.W.Oak.White BENNstan4ft Wht.W.Oak.Natural BENNstan4ft Wht.W.Oak.White BENNstan4ft Blk.Wal BENNstan4ft Blk.W.Oak.Black BENNstan4ft Wht.Wal BENNstan4ft Wht.W.Oak.Black BENNstan5ft Blk.W.Oak.Natural BENNstan5ft Blk.W.Oak.White BENNstan5ft Wht.W.Oak.Natural BENNstan5ft Wht.W.Oak.White BENNstan5ft Blk.Wal BENNstan5ft Blk.W.Oak.Black BENNstan5ft Wht.Wal BENNstan5ft Wht.W.Oak.Black BENNstan6ft Blk.W.Oak.Natural BENNstan6ft Blk.W.Oak.White BENNstan6ft Wht.W.Oak.Natural BENNstan6ft Wht.W.Oak.White BENNstan6ft Blk.Wal BENNstan6ft Blk.W.Oak.Black BENNstan6ft Wht.Wal BENNstan6ft Wht.W.Oak.Black BENNwide 8ft Blk Walnut Walnut BENNwide 8ft Blk W.Oak Natural BENNwide 8ft Blk W.Oak Black BENNwide 8ft Blk W.Oak White BENNwide 8ft Wht Walnut Walnut BENNwide 8ft Wht W.Oak Natural BENNwide 8ft Wht W.Oak Black BENNwide 8ft Wht W.Oak White