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The Link LED Pendant Light was designed by hollis+morris in 2017.

Link LED Pendant Light fixture is inspired by the purity and strength of nautical hardware featured throughout the design. The pendant light is made of solid wood and metal forms which takes a versatile approach to lighting. While the Link LED Pendant Light is striking on its own, it can also be arranged along with multiple fixtures creating a dynamic string of light. The pendant light is available in four sizes with various options of metal and wood finishes.

Note: The fixture can be installed horizontally or vertically and configuration must be specified at time of purchase. If you have questions on the configuration options of the pendant light, please call (866) 428-9289.

  • 3 ft overall: 40"L X 9"W
  • 4 ft overall: 52"L X 9"W
  • 5 ft overall: 63"L X 9"W
  • 6 ft overall: 75"L X 9"W
  • Cord: 12'
Solid white oak, walnut, powder coated steel, brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed stainless steel
Lamp Type
  • 3 ft: 1 X 18W 24V LED module, 960 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
  • 4 ft: 1 X 24W 24V LED module, 1280 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
  • 5 ft: 1 X 30W 24V LED module, 1600 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
  • 6 ft: 1 X 36W 24V LED module, 1920 lumens, 3000K, 85 CRI (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
LINKpendant 3ft Blk W.Oak White LINKpendant 3ft Blk W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 3ft Wht W.Oak White LINKpendant 3ft Wht W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 4ft Blk W.Oak White LINKpendant 4ft Blk W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 4ft Wht W.Oak White LINKpendant 4ft Wht W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 3ft Blk Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 3ft Blk W.Oak Black LINKpendant 3ft Wht Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 3ft Wht W.Oak Black LINKpendant 5ft Blk W.Oak White LINKpendant 5ft Blk W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 5ft Wht W.Oak White LINKpendant 5ft Wht W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 3ft Brass W.Oak White LINKpendant 3ft Brass W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 3ft Copper W.Oak White LINKpendant 3ft Copper W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 3ft Stainless W.Oak White LINKpendant 3ft Stainless W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 4ft Blk Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 4ft Blk W.Oak Black LINKpendant 4ft Wht Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 4ft Wht W.Oak Black LINKpendant 6ft Blk W.Oak White LINKpendant 6ft Blk W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 6ft Wht W.Oak White LINKpendant 6ft Wht W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 4ft Brass W.Oak White LINKpendant 4ft Brass W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 4ft Copper W.Oak White LINKpendant 4ft Copper W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 4ft Stainless W.Oak White LINKpendant 4ft Stainless W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 5ft Blk Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 5ft Blk W.Oak Black LINKpendant 5ft Wht Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 5ft Wht W.Oak Black LINKpendant 3ft Brass Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 3ft Brass W.Oak Black LINKpendant 3ft Copper Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 3ft Copper W.Oak Black LINKpendant 3ft Stainless Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 3ft Stainless W.Oak Black LINKpendant 5ft Brass W.Oak White LINKpendant 5ft Brass W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 5ft Copper W.Oak White LINKpendant 5ft Copper W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 5ft Stainless W.Oak White LINKpendant 5ft Stainless W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 6ft Blk Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 6ft Blk W.Oak Black LINKpendant 6ft Wht Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 6ft Wht W.Oak Black LINKpendant 4ft Brass Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 4ft Brass W.Oak Black LINKpendant 4ft Copper Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 4ft Copper W.Oak Black LINKpendant 4ft Stainless Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 4ft Stainless W.Oak Black LINKpendant 6ft Brass W.Oak White LINKpendant 6ft Brass W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 6ft Copper W.Oak White LINKpendant 6ft Copper W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 6ft Stainless W.Oak White LINKpendant 6ft Stainless W.Oak Natural LINKpendant 5ft Brass Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 5ft Brass W.Oak Black LINKpendant 5ft Copper Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 5ft Copper W.Oak Black LINKpendant 5ft Stainless Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 5ft Stainless W.Oak Black LINKpendant 6ft Brass Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 6ft Brass W.Oak Black LINKpendant 6ft Copper Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 6ft Copper W.Oak Black LINKpendant 6ft Stainless Walnut Walnut LINKpendant 6ft Stainless W.Oak Black