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Outdoor Floor Lamps

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Learn More About Outdoor Floor Lamps

Why You Need Outdoor Floor Lamps

If you want to turn your backyard or patio into a private oasis, outdoor floor lamps can add that extra touch of elegance you're missing. You should be able to enjoy your outdoor space any time of the day. Outdoor floor lamps will light up your night sky while making your space flare with excitement.

adds a spark to waning natural light while instantly adding character to your backyard. The powerful glow of modern outdoor floor lamps blends with decorative charm to enhance your environment while keeping the authentic balance of the surrounding landscape. You'll be able to entertain guests or appreciate a quiet night outside like never before.

Where to Use Outdoor Floor Lamps

Outdoor floor lamps are perfect for patios and porches, whether you have a smaller enclosed balcony or a spacious open area. Contemporary outdoor floor lamps can be used seemingly anywhere you need to brighten outside. Outdoor floor lamps for porches would work perfectly by the door to light up the entryway or as a stationary fixture to add some ambiance to your atmosphere. They would be a great addition to your or by adding extra illumination in every corner so you're never left out in the dark.

There are many possibilities when it comes to outdoor floor lamps for the patio, too. These standing light fixtures can compliment your outdoor area from the furniture to the flora. Modern outdoor floor lamps are commonly used, along with , next to seating arrangements and outdoor dining furniture since they provide ample lighting throughout the evening. These lights would also be a stylish source of illumination for outdoor artwork such as sculptures or even to ornately light up your plants and flowers. If you are looking for energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious options there are even outdoor solar floor lamps available as well.

Types of Modern Outdoor Floor Lamps

One great advantage of outdoor standing floor lamps are their variety and versatility. There are options for nearly every style or purpose you are looking for to brighten your outdoor area, while maintaining the look and feel that is unique to your home or business. Here are three distinct designs of all shapes and sizes that showcase the diversity of choice and function available when it comes to outdoor floor lamps:

: This unique, portable lighting fixture opens up a whole new world when it comes to outdoor lighting. Made by Artemide, it's modern yet classic features will steal the show while evoking an inviting ambiance over lounge chairs, outdoor sectionals, or a cozy outdoor dining set.

: Made by Smart & Green, the genius of this energy efficient outdoor floor lamp is not just its shape, but its function. This ball-shaped LEF light is cordless, rechargeable, and waterproof so you can conjure its pleasant ambiance anywhere from the poolside to a high-rise balcony.