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Choosing Copper Pendant Lighting For Your Home's Lighting

Copper pendant lights are a great way to add copper tones to your home while being able to take delight in choosing among the many beautiful pendant lights that YLighting offers.

Copper remains a unique finish to add to a home even though it has a long history as an interior design theme. It is warming and soft so that it can blend in with your other decor themes, yet it retains a sophistication that is not quite present in other metallic finishes such as gold and its sometimes garish presentation or how chrome and create a sterile feeling not quite right the home environment. Plus, with copper's connotations related to the American Old West, the right pendant light can blend modern aesthetics with both themes of rustic and antique into a truly unique lighting fixture.

Adding copper pendant lights can be a great way to match a variety of other types of decor within your home and bring all of it together. Whether you have copper pots and pans hanging within your kitchen, copper-colored walls or wall decor, copper finishes to cabinet hardware such as cabinetry drawer pulls or door knobs, or even hardwood floors, countertops or dining room tables, adding copper pendants to your design can help create lasting depth. Shop by shape and choose the copper pendant lighting fixture that is right for your home.

Adding Copper Pendant Lights To Your Home

Pendant lights are a versatile lighting fixture that can be used in many different rooms of the home. Some homes store their copper pots and pans by hanging them above the kitchen island or beside a stove. By adding copper pendant lights in the kitchen to help with your ambient lighting, you can also deepen the copper aesthetic that you are already displaying in the kitchen. Though, pendant lights are also great for the living room and dining room for adding pendant lighting fixtures as well. Depending on the themes that you are already working with, copper might be the missing ingredient that completes your home's interior design.

Popular Modern Copper Pendant Light Fixtures

Many of the most popular pendant light fixtures that YLighting offers are available with copper finishes. Below are several popular fixtures to consider:

The by Paul Henningsen isn’t your typical copper pendant light, but that does not mean it will not add a statement to your home. The iconic design of the PH Artichoke is captivating and when finished with copper, adds a modern rustic aesthetic that only a brand such as Louis Poulson could present. The pendant light is comprised of 72 metal artichoke leaves that are placed in rows of twelve. Each row is positioned to disperse light between the leaves while preventing glare.

For a more traditional-styled copper pendant, consider . As the name implies, this light features a tall copper shade and an inner diffuser that provides ambient diffused lighting. This pendant light is a purist-s pick for a copper finish - there's no hiding the copper finish here.

The Copper Shade Pendant Light by Tom Dixon is one piece of Tom Dixon's Copper Shade Collection. The collection is comprising of a series of different takes of the pendant light using a copper finish. Besides the light already mentioned, Tom Dixon presents a wider 19.7-inch diameter pendant light, a tall pendant light measuring 19.7 inches tall, and a series of .

Favorite Copper Pendant Colors & Finish Combinations

YLighting features top designers and brands to bring design-driven customers, interior designers, and remodelers the best options for their ceiling and . For any questions about YLighting's featured copper pendant lights, we have a team of lighting experts that are ready to help at (866) 428 9289.