• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

The field-cuttable rigid standoff with connector is used to join sections of T-TRAK together end to end while supporting the system. Order one for each connection point between track sections. Use conductive type to continue power through connection. Use isolating type to isolate multiple circuits on one continuous run. Select the appropriate length to match the specified drop for the system. Satin nickel or white finish.

Item Number
700TT2SCC02S 700TT2SCC02W 700TT2SCC06S 700TT2SCC06W 700TT2SCC12S 700TT2SCC12W 700TT2SCC24S 700TT2SCC24W 700TT2SCC36S 700TT2SCC36W 700TT2SCC48S 700TT2SCC48W 700TT2SCC96S 700TT2SCC96W 700TT2SIC02S 700TT2SIC02W 700TT2SIC06S 700TT2SIC06W 700TT2SIC12S 700TT2SIC12W 700TT2SIC24S 700TT2SIC24W 700TT2SIC36S 700TT2SIC36W 700TT2SIC48S 700TT2SIC48W 700TT2SIC96S 700TT2SIC96W 700TTSCC02S 700TTSCC02W 700TTSCC06S 700TTSCC06W 700TTSCC12S 700TTSCC12W 700TTSCC24S 700TTSCC24W 700TTSCC36S 700TTSCC36W 700TTSCC48S 700TTSCC48W 700TTSCC96S 700TTSCC96W 700TTSIC02S 700TTSIC02W 700TTSIC06S 700TTSIC06W 700TTSIC12S 700TTSIC12W 700TTSIC24S 700TTSIC24W 700TTSIC36S 700TTSIC36W 700TTSIC48S 700TTSIC48W 700TTSIC96S 700TTSIC96W