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Why Torchiere Lamps

The torch floor lamp is a classic design that has seen many compositions and functions throughout time. Like most modern floor lamps, the torchiere floor lamp can be as versatile in style and application as you need it to be and can fit in any room where indirect illumination fits the look and style of your room. Torchiere floor lamps have a unique way of illuminating a space. Its light source sits atop a long pillar shaped fixture that shines up towards the ceiling, capable of illuminating a whole room with a single fixture. Torchiere lamps can also be an elegant and affordable choice for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication in their household where ceiling lights are not an option.

The best feature of torchiere lamps is their ability to brighten a whole space with only a single fixture. This allows your torchiere floor lamp to become a striking centerpiece that beckons attention not just with their tall glamourous classic structure but also with the bright wash of light that illuminates the whole room. Some torchiere lamps also feature an adjustable side light that can illuminate any areas not being lit by the upwards facing light, perfect for any room where a reading lamp is needed. Torchiere table lamps offer the same type of illumination with added portability and unique designs that resemble small torches or candle holders, making it a great center piece for any room with limited space.

Classic and Modern Torchiere Floor Lamps

Torchiere floor lamps can add to the decoration of your room with their dramatic and dimmable lighting style as well as with their sculptural type designs. YLighting offers a wide variety of options for torchiere floor lamps, whether you are looking for the classic tall thin structure or a more modern design that will appeal to even the most picky design savvy person. The AM2Z Floor Lamp, is a classic 1969 design by NEMO and one of the most recognized designs in the lighting world. This halogen torchiere floor lamp is a perfect example of the elegance a torchiere lamp can add to your room with only a single piece. The sleek design of the Athena LED Floor Lamp from Artemide Lighting is a shining example of modern design combined with the latest in lighting technology. The LED lamp allows for an even thinner structure and new styles that were impossible with other type of bulbs.

Functional, stylish, and elegant, torchiere lamps comes in many finishes and styles. Black, bronze and brass are some of the most popular torchiere floor lamp finishes because of how the finish adds so much the structure, whether it’s a classic bronze torchiere floor lamp or a sleek, LED fitting black torchiere floor lamp. Find the best LED torchiere floor lamps and halogen torchiere floor lamps with all the latest designs from all the top brands at YLighting.com