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Learn More About Pendants

Adding Orange Pendants To Your Interior Design

While orange may not be one of the most common colors used to style a home, there are many good reasons why it could serve as an accent. There's no denying that orange is a warm color - it signifies joy, creativity, sunshine and many other positive and stimulating emotions. However, the line between the right amount of orange and too much orange is very obvious and blaring.

Decorating your home with orange as the base color may be asking for a little too much vibrancy for most. Using orange as an accent color, however, to compliment your decor can add unique distinctions and tiny pops of energy to your home that make much more sense and are not so bright.

In fact, as a complementary color, orange makes a logical accent for many homes. That is because orange's most complimentary color is one more often incorporated into the home for couches and sofas: blue. With darker tones of blue applying lighter tones of orange help balance the darkness. With lighter shades of blue, darker oranges are more appropriate. It's easy to see a series of pendant lights with orange shades strewn above a long blue couch, or one large orange glass pendant light hanging above a coffee table in the center of a blue couch set.

Orange Pendant Lights as Complimentary Accents

This is where orange pendant lights can come into play. Pendant lighting offers a unique versatility in comparison to other types of lighting when it comes to adding accents throughout the home. With a variety of different sizes of pendant lights, you can choose what is best depending on your intended design.

For example, you may choose one large orange pendant ceiling light to act as a statement piece in the dining room or living room. The color of orange, already a cause to draw attention, combined with the distinctive qualities of a modern lighting fixture will add drama and awe to your living space. On the other hand, small orange pendant fixtures allow you speckle touches of orange without creating a sight too blaring.

Adding Orange Pendant Lights to Every Room

Orange pendant lights can accommodate any space. Hanging orange pendant lights above an indoor bar or counter is a common choice as is a large orange pendant above the dining room table. A unique take would be to use orange pendant lights for a children's room or playroom by matching the whimsy of orange to the playfulness of a children's room.

YLighting provides the best in modern lighting for design-driven customers. At YLighting, you can find a wide variety of that ranges in style from Mid-Century Modern to Danish Modern. If unable to find the right orange light in this selection consider looking at other popular pendant light colors and finishes such as , , , and .