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Track, Monorail + Cable Lighting

Learn More About Track, Monorail + Cable Lighting

Whether choosing lighting at home or in the office, sometimes nothing makes more of a statement than the simple, clean-lined, contemporary style of track lighting, monorail lighting, and cable lighting. At YLighting, we offer a remarkable range of systems to fit your needs from functional illumination to dramatic lighting.

Track lighting systems are versatile lighting solutions that can be used to power spotlights, floodlights, pendant lights or other fixtures. Enjoy the freedom of changing the positioning of your furniture and accessories when choosing the modern track lighting for your space as it offers much more flexibility to adjust your lighting.

Monorail systems are state-of-the-art configurable, low-voltage lighting solutions that allow custom styling with minimalist appeal. Monorail lights can be installed in straight runs, field-bent to create customizable organic shapes, or arranged to follow architectural details. Consider rail lighting if your ceiling is sloped, arched, or has paneling that can't house lighting.

Cable lighting is a low-voltage system that offers an infinite variety of custom high-tech lighting arrangements using cables, which are hung with accent, ambient, or decorative fixtures. This makes modern cable lighting an ideal choice when you can't access an electric power source in the ceiling.

With the evolving world of modern lighting, YLighting offers select LED track, rail, and cable lighting options that are energy-efficient and environmentally conscious. From contemporary cable lights illuminating the kitchen to sleek rail lights providing cozy ambience in the living room to modern track lights brightening up a hallway, lighting has never been easier while looking so sophisticated.

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