• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Design by Siemon & Salazar.
Made in USA by Siemon & Salazar.

The Bubble Ellipse Pendant Light uses textured whipped glass and soft colors to create an elegant fixture. The richness of the texture is paired with a simple and clean oval shape. Each pendant light is hand blown and will have a slight variation in the size and color. Adds diffused ambient light to modern kitchens and living rooms.

Available in Grey, Clear, Steel Blue, Alabaster, Amber, and Bronze glass colors. Choose from Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, or Dark Bronze canopy finish and Black, Clear or White cord. Ships with 72" of cord. Shown in Amber.

  • 9"D X 7"H; 79" max height
  • Canopy: 4.9"D
  • Cord: 72"
Crystal, glass, metal
Lamp Type
1 X 40W 120V E26 (medium base) G25 incandescent lamp (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
30-15-134-SN-BC 30-15-134-SN-WC 30-15-134-SN-BP 30-15-134-SN-WP 30-15-134-SN-CP 30-15-134-PN-BC 30-15-134-PN-WC 30-15-134-PN-BP 30-15-134-PN-WP 30-15-134-PN-CP 30-15-134-BZ-BC 30-15-134-BZ-WC 30-15-134-BZ-BP 30-15-134-BZ-WP 30-15-134-BZ-CP 30-15-135-SN-BC 30-15-135-SN-WC 30-15-135-SN-BP 30-15-135-SN-WP 30-15-135-SN-CP 30-15-135-PN-BC 30-15-135-PN-WC 30-15-135-PN-BP 30-15-135-PN-WP 30-15-135-PN-CP 30-15-135-BZ-BC 30-15-135-BZ-WC 30-15-135-BZ-BP 30-15-135-BZ-WP 30-15-135-BZ-CP 30-15-133-SN-BC 30-15-133-SN-WC 30-15-133-SN-BP 30-15-133-SN-WP 30-15-133-SN-CP 30-15-133-PN-BC 30-15-133-PN-WC 30-15-133-PN-BP 30-15-133-PN-WP 30-15-133-PN-CP 30-15-133-BZ-BC 30-15-133-BZ-WC 30-15-133-BZ-BP 30-15-133-BZ-WP 30-15-133-BZ-CP 30-15-48-SN-BC 30-15-48-SN-WC 30-15-48-SN-BP 30-15-48-SN-WP 30-15-48-SN-CP 30-15-48-PN-BC 30-15-48-PN-WC 30-15-48-PN-BP 30-15-48-PN-WP 30-15-48-PN-CP 30-15-48-BZ-BC 30-15-48-BZ-WC 30-15-48-BZ-BP 30-15-48-BZ-WP 30-15-48-BZ-CP 30-15-126-SN-BC 30-15-126-SN-WC 30-15-126-SN-BP 30-15-126-SN-WP 30-15-126-SN-CP 30-15-126-PN-BC 30-15-126-PN-WC 30-15-126-PN-BP 30-15-126-PN-WP 30-15-126-PN-CP 30-15-126-BZ-BC 30-15-126-BZ-WC 30-15-126-BZ-BP 30-15-126-BZ-WP 30-15-126-BZ-CP 30-15-128-SN-BC 30-15-128-SN-WC 30-15-128-SN-BP 30-15-128-SN-WP 30-15-128-SN-CP 30-15-128-PN-BC 30-15-128-PN-WC 30-15-128-PN-BP 30-15-128-PN-WP 30-15-128-PN-CP 30-15-128-BZ-BC 30-15-128-BZ-WC 30-15-128-BZ-BP 30-15-128-BZ-WP 30-15-128-BZ-CP