Design by Nir Josef Chehanowski, 2015.
Made by Studio Cheha.

The Bulbing LED Table Lamp is a fun and playful light, perplexing and alluring at the same time. Its unique construction deceives the eye into thinking that there is a shade, where in reality the lamp is two-dimensional. The Bulbing consists of a wooden base that contains an LED module, on top of which resides a laser-etched acrylic plate that guides the light through its contours. This innovative approach creates a glowing 3D effect.

Ideal for modern living rooms and bedrooms, home offices and compact spaces, such as desks, book shelves, and anywhere decorative diffused illumination is desired. The decorative element never gets hot, so the fixture is safe for all modern spaces.

Note: The flat lamp design image depicts DESKi LED Table Lamp.

  • 6"D X 9"H
Birch plywood, acrylic
Lamp Type
3 X 0.9W 120V LED modules, 54 lumens (included)
Item Number